Updated 07 October 2018.

1. Acceptance.

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4. Liability.

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6. Privacy Policy.

To reduce the security risk to all users, this website does not feature any user registration or input. Any changes made to the website that are not authorised by Darran Bourke will be deemed to be unlawful and no responsibility for such changes will be accepted by Darran Bourke nor any of the partners involved in the creation, promotion or updating of this website. In the event that you supply your email address or any other contact details to this website, these will not be used for promotional correspondence, nor supplied to any third parties for commercial purposes without your express permission. You have the full right to request to be removed from any promotional listings at any time by getting in touch here. Any user data shall be stored on a secured computer system and no unnecessary manual copies shall be made. No individual visitor data will be downloaded or stored by Darran Bourke.

7. Cookie Policy.

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8. Corrections and Complaints.

If information relating to yourself or an organisation that you represent is publicly provided by this website, you have the right to access, correct or remove any such information. To exercise this right, please get in touch with Darran Bourke here. Similarly, if you feel that your intellectual property has been infringed by any content on this website, please also get in touch immediately through the specified contact methods.

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